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Nycmsterplumber 2 yers go Being plumber in NYC hs fforded me very esy ccess to bored women.I hve hd reltions with over 87 women in 2 yers nd ll but three were Funny they usully strt the flirting nd showing lot of skin with robes tht just hppen to open re wife's of professionl men lwyers /doctors CEO CFO etc s they rther spend more time mking money then tking cre of their wives needs nd they hve no plns of ever leving their spouses which mkes. Pttyckes 3. Jmes cswell 3 yers go ccomplishments rohn 4 yers go Hi Kevin I'm Rohn nd I'm ttrcted to women in my prtment I hve never tlked to her I wnn tlk with her nd built nice reltionship She knows tht I'm hving n eye on her But I'm scred to tlk to her becuse I don't know in wht ner she will respond Could you plese help. Nother importnt thing is to convince her tht she's interested in you rther thn vice vers Be confident nd chrismtic This will show through your converstion if you keep it s simple s possible directing the converstion to wht she nd you hve in common This wy the converstion cn serve your primry job of finding out more bout the sitting in front of you while lso showing tht you re knowledgeble nd interesting to her Becuse the first dte is bout getting to know her do not try to kiss or hve sex on the first dte Hve ptience nd wit for her to initite in the future But if the environment llows you to she is interested nd it is necessry then don't stop yourself Confidence is key Keep telling yourself inside tht you re not t ll nervous; most women like confident nd dring men rther thn momm's boy. Don't be shmed of nd remember: the decision to sleep with you should finlly nd entirely be her decision Set Boundries gin one of the beuties of is tht there re no commitments s you strt to dte set boundries from the very beginning For instnce you my wnt to sy tht you will never compromise her reltionship with her fmily or spouse tht neither of you will ever try to mke the reltionship more serious thn your set prmeters nd tht both of you hve the right to stop the ffir without ny explntion t ny point in the reltionship This will come s relief nd protection not only you but lso to her—she will welcome the lck of commitment s wy to protect her mrrige Finl Thoughts Interesting rticles well if is fithful to her husbnd,she would never wnt to go out with nother one nd if she does so she should not forget tht her husbnd might lso do this if u betry ur husbnd he would lso betry u nd u would never know i wnt to sy is to be honest nd fithful with your husbnd Minx Chir 6. Lbert 22 months go Json 3 weeks go 15 yers nd would not be good ide Bck in my younger dys buddy I knew got killed in the bedroom the husbnd cught them in Both wife nd guy boom ded Homeboy wlks for temporry insnity Understnd this for most men nywy you re messing with someones wife life nd domin I could imgine how women nd men could go for this mrrige t times cn be grueling tells everything she needs to,her she is not getting t home becuse the home t the time is upside down right now due to something. Here with 3 lovers nd it is mutully beneficil sitution for ll I disclose tht I m not exclusive with ny of them nd I get to dte nd ply nd hve very fulfilling life It is not the typicl sitution for ll but it works well for me The wives of these men fil them nd they get to dote on me nd from n intimcy plce 100% ll the time nd the SEX is gret too Single guys re too much work nd re too deding so if you lern nything from this well written rticle compliment be genuine don't be chep hve fun be discreet nd ply sfe from me to YOU! J 6. I so gree with lbert Where is our self-respect (both men nd women)? Why would nyone give their body to someone who could cre less bout them s person nd who is not committed to them? Where re our morles nd our love for our fmilies? To me both the person preying nd person cheting re eqully guilty of committing dultery Mrk Girrd 19 months go Mc 5 months go How do you know if mrrie women is in to you Stcy's Mom 5 months go I m looking to find guy on the side to dte nswering some of these questions When I'm cught will the husbnd kill me quickly or refuse to let me die no mtter how much I beg him? women there re much less pinful wys of committing suicide Dominic 11 months go Love to meet wonderful who is bdly in need. Beenthere 4 yers go Yeh dudes tht dte women re scumbgs You re preying on the wek be GENTLEMEN nd pursue vilble women Of course if she is in n open reltionship tht is different Mrrige is supposed to be scred bond nd just becuse she is willing to violte it doesn't men tht you should prticipte trust me on this krm You will not win in the long run don't be shortsighted nd he her FVCK somebodies else's life up You hve no ide the impct tht you cn hve on nother person just becuse you wnted to get your dick wet with vulnerble My god there is. Hi Kevin there is this I love so much she is 41 yers old nd her husbnd is bout 70 I know her nd her husbnd very well I would like to tell her tht I wnt to be hving secret reltionship with her by using your techniques but I m she might tell her husbnd nd other people round her who lso know me s well which might be very bd for me I relly love this becuse I think of her everydy I offered to drive her to her plce of work few dys go but she refused Plese wht cn I do to to be hving secret reltionship with her? true but 3. Kevin R Peter 5 yers go Hey DONT thnks for reding my rticle uthorKevin R Peter 5 yers go Thnks for reding my rticle - Mostf I don't know I guess I'm more in love with her now thn ever we use to tlk nd text every single dy to now just limited text messges she my be relly busy who knows I guess I put my hopes up too high nd now tht she's bcked off I feel like she doesn't like me nymore This is wht I get for involving myself with Cubs 101 13 months go This is extremely moronic!I've been chsed by four "milfs" since the dy I becme n dult t 18.I never did nything I ws being n ordinry guy with my own tste in fshion music nd hobbies. Tht brings n end to my rticle which is bsed on my rel-life experience By doing your homework nd studying these guidelines you cn pproch ny on this Universe Enjoy nd ll. By Cge J Mdison2 Kevin R Peter 5 yers go Thnks for reding my rticle NO WY keep it up uthorKevin R Peter 5 yers go Thnks ElSeductor for reding my rticle For more informtion on ging or withdrwing consents nd how we hndle dt visit our Privcy Policy t: " /privcy-policy#gdpr" S you should not be shmed of fter ll these women re not looking for serious nd long-term reltionship nd their pproch towrd this reltionship is crystl cler The decision to sleep with someone who is not her husbnd will be entirely her decision There re lots of positives for her in this reltionship—no commitment nd nothing to nswer to but her own stisfction. Most men mke the mistke of believing tht it is esier to dte girl thn to dte Once you hve mstered the rt of you will gree tht this is not the cse It is esier to dte beutiful thn to dte girl Getting involved in reltionship with girl or single involves high level of public commitment wheres there is much less commitment when nd it is not s difficult s it my seem No mtter how hppily is she will lwys be on the lookout for tht perfect Of course no or is perfect but while 's serch often stops with time 's serch never finishes Women will lwys be on the prowl for tht perfect prtner; they ctully get bored of living within the four wlls of the house nd will long to.

Hi my nme is nnd I hve problem I hve ttrcted to its lmost yers we tlk to ech other she cll me for pick nd dropping so y times I feel like she is lso interested in me but the problem is she is friend of my wife lso wht should I do dnny 4 yers go we never proposed until we others nd fter 3 yers of mrrige we re still in love nd proposed too but whenever I try to seduce her she sweetly rejects but not ngry on me how to convince her to bed plese give. Mommy 3 yers go s mother who still looks gret; this rticle is so true My husbnd strted tking me for grnted lmost immeditely Our mrrige hs no pssion in it nymore It's not right tht I hve to spend my life wtching this guy ply video gmes while I work nd do ll the childcre nd do ll the chores.I hve single guys who flirt with me ll the time nd if one of them ever tried to tke it to nother level -- I would hve very hrd time sying no nstci 3. Ny whether creer or housewife is lwys looking for tht sprk in her love life s their husbnds strt to tke them for grnted slowly nd grdully tht sprk dies down Once reches this point she will be open to but very cutious bout choosing nother prtner outside her reltionship She will need to be sure tht the new will be different from the others She needs to know tht he will be fully wre tht this reltionship cn hve no commitment nd tht he is not looking to turn it into serious or long reltionship In relity they both know tht the reltionship they re looking for will revolve round only sex For men the best plces to look for these women re in workplces discotheques pubs clubs some dult finder sites on the internet nd sometimes supermrkets. I did some reserch nd it turns out to be tht when women settle down t such young ge they tend to be unhppy with their lives They strt wishing they were our ge gin nd sometimes even behve like we do in order to feel young hing is gmes until the moment they go from being "bored" to being "horny" to being "emotionlly ttched"They were ll good looking nd y guys sw them s the lph femles Oliver smoh. 14 months go i like this rticle. No HTML is llowed in comments but URLs will be hyperlinked Comments re not for promoting your rticles or other gKsim 3 weeks. Nycmsterplumber 2 yers go Being plumber in NYC hs fforded me very esy ccess to bored women.I hve hd reltions with over 87 women in 2 yers nd ll but three were Funny they usully strt the flirting nd showing lot of skin with robes tht just hppen to open re wife's of professionl men lwyers /doctors CEO CFO etc s they rther spend more time mking money then tking cre of their wives needs Rhul 2. Due to certin regultory chnges we re unble to connect you with the requested DEFY Medi website We invite you to visit DEFY’s progrmming chnnels including those listed below:

It's been 4 months we've hung out for short periods of times nd she's expressed so much interest we've kissed pssiontely I even hd her ll too myself one time nd thought we we're finlly going to hve sex nd she got cold feet she told me she's never stopped out of her mrrige I ws so upset but didn't show it deep down I ws fuming I thought how could we hve hd so much sexul build-up nd not even tke off her shirt This ws month go nd since tht night she's totlly bcked off she still tlks to me nd text me but I've noticed it's not the sme in the beginning she showered me with flttery nd flirting converstions but since tht night she's been different person I gott dmit I relly relly miss her. Kevin very well written! My problem is the girl next door I hve known her for the mjority of my life however never relly known her well she is gret but just got less then yer go this being sid I obviously hve got to know him to I Cn lredy tell she is not hppy ugh wht do I do? of course I like the girl fter she gets Dvid 4. Nrsh behed 6 yers go wow tht's gret coz I'm lso got ttrcted with ldy < id="lstcomment1008611" clss="commentnchor">Eluquency 6 yers go I like this rticle lolz. On the first dte your first line should be nice comment on her beuty eyes hir or dress Women lwys like to hve the ttention of men nd re lwys looking for compliments Your comments should be rel nd genuine Never try to mke fke comments s women hve sixth sense when it comes to this nd will notice You should try to show good sense of humor However don't force it--wit for nturl times to spontneously showcse your funny side Flirt with her nd keep the environment on the lighter side while lso showing tht you cn be ptient listener Never try to tlk bout yourself on the first dte; your entire converstion should revolve round her Try to know bout her lifestyle her needs nd her desires. I do no think it mtters wht the 's ge is or her sttus the importnt thing is to know wht to do when you decide tht is for you the hrd prt is understnding the communiction coming from the other side you need to lern to see the sings nd rect to them t the end it becomes second nture there is cool rticle I found tht covers the very bsics I hope it will help you < href=" " rel="nofollow"> I m nd this rticle is well written NO WY 6 yers go I hve this long time fntsy of my wife with nother but there is no wy guy cn convice her of dte nd to mke my fntsy into relity is long shot there is not guy smooth enough to convince her into bed no book in the world cn help you get to. Rkesh 4 yers go There is whom I clled sister but she isn't my sister she is ttrcted towrd me nd I wnn dte her plz give some tips dilo 4. Dennisch 11 months go Rld 4 yers go You re generlizing too much in sying tht ll women look for just sex in nother reltionship you re just projecting your ly ttitude onto women Too much SS U ming dude!!!! rhul 4 yers go nice tips i hd tried some nd i got positive results. Jimbo 4 yers go I belong to dnce circle; the men dnce with the women nd nobody cres who is or not When we met the ldies I know well routinely kiss me - with their husbnd's knowledge nd like kissing! nthlie yel 4 yers go This rticle disgusts me By ndre Lwrence163 By princesswithpen1 Notsnobrob 8 weeks go s long s bending some rules cn sfe mrrige ldy deserves not to be miserble if she is not getting wht she wnts t home just don't get confused nd keep it discreet -techrookie35@ Hrry R. 2 months go My mum cheted on my dd in ner not dissimilr to wht is described in this rticle Her lck of self control tore our hppy fmily sickening nd twisted thing to publish Shme on the uthor nd this website. Kevin R Peter 6 yers go Thnks for reding my hubpge Dvid yes I'm sure you would thnk me in the end uthorKevin R Peter 6. Look for in pub or club who is sitting lone on the couch with hunger in her eyes looking t every corner nd sitting with posture tht is csting bout for ttention One wy cn signl tht she is looking for ttention is by going out for drinks lone Never hesitte to pproch this beutiful Most men wrongly believe tht n pproch to n ttrctive nd beutiful femle is unlikely to succeed wheres it is reverse ctully beutiful nd ttrctive will be more likely to fll for thn n ordinry looking becuse beutiful hs greter love of the ttention of men nd is lwys on the look out for it They like somebody to give them the compliments nd comments on their beuty wheres their husbnds tke them for grnted.

Kevin R Peter 4 yers go @nnd - Thnks for reding my hub ∓ shring your thoughts My dvise to you - You should open up with her ∓ should touch her re of interest try knowing from her - wht ppels her - wht does she like - you must give compliments (genuine) to her ∓ must pprecite her beuty ll Women love the (genuine) compliments not the fke ones ∓ try to know her sensitive re Try it ∓ then discuss it with me Good Luck nnd 4. Kevin R Peter 5 yers go Hey True Bird thnks for reding my rticle uthorKevin R Peter 5 yers go Hey Minx thnks for reding my rticle < href=" /signin/?referer_nchor=writeComment">Sign in or < href=" /signup/?utm_source=tocomment&utm_nooverride=1&referer_nchor=writeComment">sign up nd post using HubPges Network ccount. Thnks for your comments Mdhu sorry for replying lte but pls check the detils re given in points only but still thnks for your feedbck mtthews 6 yers go i need to test one Dvid 6 yers go Well i would love to meet one just. No respect for themselves nd for others Cn't believe this ws encourged uts 3 yers go Kevin i like one women ner my office she hve her husbnd but i don't think she like her husbnd,i relly wnts to tlk her nd wnt to spend some specil time with her but i hven't tlk with her till now how to tlk with her Plz give me. By. Der Nrsh Thnks for reding my hubpge sorry for replying lte I'm sure you would gree with me ∓ hving fun uthorKevin R Peter 6 yers go Hi Mtthews thnks for reding my hubpge pls test it ∓ I'm sure you would. Ksh 3 yers go How is the best wy to get to hve n ffir with I see 2 times month for work nd wnt to know how to get her into bed with me Ron 3 yers go I will just be very hppy to meet good to dte let. S user in the EE your pprovl is needed on few things To provide better website experience uses cookies (nd other similr technologies) nd my collect process nd shre personl dt Plese choose which res of our service you consent to our. Mster 5 yers go it dos not work for ll women mohes 5 yers go my girl friend to other so i hve decided to dte with her s she cheted i will try using. 2.) Why is it unthinkble for two people who hve mutul resonble needs to help ech other out? You don't need bullet proof nything Hubby is not getting off the couch for me He is lredy not sleeping with me which is why I m here If he finds out I'm the one who hs to del with it So chill.3.) Where is my morl compss? Well yes I vowed to love honor nd cherish but hubby lso vowed to be there for me nd be my spiritul emotionl nd sexul food if I kept myself to him When you cut off the food don't blme me if I eventully finlly get hungry nd look elsewhere to find wy to survive nd remember wht it feels like to hve guy touch me We ldies ren't looking for guy prty -We just need one helthy guy who is willing to be fun nd keep his mouth shut in exchnge for nice who isn't going to pressure him into something he doesn't wnt. Kevin R Peter 5 yers go Thnks Kennol thnks for reding my rticle uthorKevin R Peter 5. Women re bsolutely the best They s whole re plesers em 20 months go m in dere need of kiki 21 months go its shme never shoot people by stones if you hve. Kennol 5 yers go your gret,nice rticle Birdie 5 yers go Tht's right hubbies! You don't tret them right someone else will try to Mensur 5. J 14 months go To Stcy's Mom,I feel sme from 's point of view Rech out to me vi my secure emil plwrenceotoole@ Peter Lwrence 4 months go This flls in line with wht I'm looking for I've been 20-plus yers nd our roce hs wned No mtter wht I do my wife hs remined distnt nd uninterested in nything I do Still I don't wnt to lose my fmily but m bout to bust Hookers is not the wy I wnt to go but this seems helpful mutul understnding with looking for something more. Kevin R Peter 6 yers go Der Eluquency thnks for reding my hubpge pologies for replying you lte uthorKevin R Peter 6. Jill 5 yers go I WS who strted my new husbnd nd fell in love We hve been three yers nd I m redy to strt gin This time with my new husbnds blessing nd encourgement I hve the best of two worlds gret mrrige nd the thrill of new boyfriend!!! Copyright © 2018 HubPges Inc nd respective owners Other product nd compny nmes shown my be trdemrks of their respective owners HubPges® is registered Service Mrk of HubPges Inc HubPges nd Hubbers (uthors) my ern revenue on this pge bsed on ffilite reltionships nd dvertisements with prtners including mzon Google nd others. Ted 12 months go wesome rticle!Very inspiring nd well-written Mo 12 months go Gret rticle I'm who I'm borderline in love with nd I hven't even slept. I'm loving women nd I wnt to do with herI feel she lso loves me but she is not telling meShe is not ble to come outside without her husbnd nd if she wnts go outside lone her home people nd close reltions will enquire her nd they tlk bd bout her so she is not ble to tell tht she loves me nd she is not ble to do So plese give me solution liz 2 yers go x o x o x o x o x kiss love you. Izettl 15 months go Tht sounds more difficult thn regulrly In fct ll of this is steps to n un "girl" but with the ddition of hving to keep it secret nd hope her husbnd doesn't kick the snot out of you Wy more difficult to tngo with I m by the wy so tke your best shot You won't get nywhere becuse I hve more confudence tht going out nd hving drink by myself hoping some douchebg strikes up converstion lexndri 18 months go By John Hollywood110 1.) Why not get divorce? When you get you don't go into it sying "Let's hve things go bd." Most women in bd reltionship will divorce but lot of us end up in zombie reltionships were things ren't ded but ren't live either You hve tlked you hve tried you hve done ll the regulr things people tell you re supposed to work nd your husbnd lys on the couch nd wtches TV nd ignores think bout leving but you hve kids who need home community property nd the crzy hope tht one dy your originl love will finlly wke up nd pull their hed out of their $$ But you lso know they never will So you cn only try other options. Remember tht is not looking for commitment nd she is not looking to complicte her existing life She hs fmily nd husbnd nd will not be looking to do nything in public tht could come bck nd hrm her fmily life Becuse of this be very wre of body lnguge--both hers nd your own Wht you do in public must seem friendly but not like dte to n outsider If her body lnguge tells you tht she is feeling restrined sk if she feels comfortble where you re meeting nd if she would like to move somewhere else. Udy 3 yers go It is very importnt to know otherwise you will be stuck up on Longfellow 3 yers go This rticle is on trck Tlking from the firing line of experience justme 3. Im for 17 yers nd lthough i loved my husbnd nd never ever cheted on him or nyone i ws before i did in yer 14 to cd just like the one you described in your rticle he sought the weknesses in my mrrige nd wormed his wy in he even becme friends with my husbnd well it ws nsty mess my husbnd ws no idiot but we re still together nd for who ever sid your husbnd will do it to you too your lir i ctully hd 2 ffirs nd my husbnd nd i re still together He hs no desire to chet or even ttempt to be tempted by nother not everyone flls in the sme molds s everyone else nd for you idiots tht ttempt this good luck nd wtch your bck men hve n intuition when its needed too nd if you piss off the wrong one You my just lose your donuts By Ttin10 Joe 5 yers go I m best sex ever with ; Becuse she cn let herself go with me nd she loves it xx Mrion 5 yers go Kevin relly you re so wesome with your reserch thnks nd relly you took big study on women you right in. The best wy to win her trust is to try to convince her tht she cn rely on you She should feel tht she cn shre her secrets with you nd tht you cn mke her drems rel Never be criticl nd never rgue on ny topic When difference of opinion rises try to offer compromise Keep flirting with her s most women love flirting but don't overdo it Do Not Do nything Tht Cn Be Misconstrued in Public Zizumbo liz 2 yers go hi Liz Gble 3. Kevin R Peter 5 yers go You re welcome Prs good luck to you !!!! uthorKevin R Peter 5 yers go. Every on this erth is interested in nd wnts to know more bout women Some men my know more thn others but either wy the desire to continuously lern more bout women nd the rt of good sex is universl This Hub is bout how to seduce nd dte Yes folks you hve red it correctly—how to dte If you re seriously thinking bout then red through my rticle completely nd try out these tips Once you hve mstered this rt then success will be yours ny on this erth cn be seduced even if she is hppily nd llegedly stisfied in her life Women love ttention nd re lwys flttered to be objects of ttrction They love compliments on their beuty nd re ttrcted to the chrm of hndsome men. Dress Like Gentle Your sense of style should follow certin guidelines Your clothing should keep in mind the plce or occsion Never try to be cowboy or mverick; your ttire should be ttrctive nd should mtch the occsion Thus if you re going to club pub or br then try to be forml lterntively if you re going out for coffee then pir of jens nd nice collred shirt will do You must wer nice deodornt s women re esily repulsed by unplesnt smells Spek Like Gentle To strt the converstion try to void tlking bout yourself You cn strt by inquiring bout her zodic sign (or by trying to guess--sy in three chnces) nd trying to know her nture This wy if you do your homework you cn come off s knowledgeble nd witty while keeping the converstion centered round her Ly the Groundwork but Let Her Be the One to Initite I stlked I men knew women 22 yers go until I finlly build up enough blls to rech out to her on socil medi I never ws ble to lnd women on my own due to low self-esteem nd very smll so I hd only this wy left to try Why not who cres bout ruining fmily I'm not good looking guy but I studied up on the rt of tking dvntge of n older women when she is the most vulnerble It worked like chrm! I just hd to text emil nd cll her with ll kinds of flttering comments nd be nice to her nd I ws then ble to lure her into my drk world I know there is plce in hell with my nme on it t lest I'll be wrm MG Jeff 20 months go Everyone re missing the big picture nd neglect the most importnt prt I do not think it mtters wht is the 's ge is or her sttus or origin wht is importnt is to know wht to do when you decide tht is for you the hrd prt is understnding the communiction coming from the other side you need to lern to see the sings nd rect to them t the end it becomes second nture there is cool rticle I found tht covers the very bsics I hope it will help you < href=" " rel="nofollow"> Dvid 4. Mrl 2 months go Been 30 yers nd hve wonderful husbnd who understnds tht I need fulfillment s He is hopelessly impotent nd llows me to discretely see other men for my needs t 56 I feel like 19 yer old nd hve been very lucky to still look much younger Men who re 10 to 15 yers younger re my preference nd I insist tht my guys be friends nd no jelousy This is fntstic rrngement nd every dy is nother exciting dventure !! Peter Lwrence 4 months go Wow relly nice cos I,m ttrcted to But it would more effective if u use bullet points prs 5 yers go i jst love it thnkssss for the tips true bird 5. Never nother’s queen 4 weeks go This is one bd joke out of the twilight zone No never someone else’s union will be violted by me Hey it’s crzy to fthom nyone nyone could Mrk 7. Go Very Slowly Now tht you hve found your mtch the first tip to begin reltionship would be to go very slowly sk to spend time with her—two ides re to grb coffee or to stop for drink t nice pub in the evening You my invite her to your plce but be cutious: think of norml reson tht doesn't seem too obvious Seize Every Opportunity to Mke Good Impression in Person Never try to build your reltionship on the phone or through text messges Phone clls nd text messges re ll right in the beginning However they re ment to be used s tools to spend more time together in person More importnt never depend on phone clls nd text messges exclusively If she were looking for few words she could hve tried her luck t. Princewill edet 10 months go i m interested in this ide Smrmy2 10 months go WTF did I just red? women You forgot some mjor considertions:Wht type of bullet proof underwer to buy? Should I increse my life insurnce? Hmm 7 months go Wht kind of rticle is this it should be clled EVIL or plyer - wht kind of uthor re you trying to encourge people to commit INFEDELITY? re you working for SHLEY website? tht ws shut down yers go? "Life is too short hve n ffir" this is uncceptble Insted of guiding people to NOT put themselves in tht sitution This type of rticle is wht wrong with the society nd so y fmily ends up flling don't listen to this rticle - it teches people to do the wrong thing if you re wise person you would know better This. By Bestlife87 Well nothing is good or bd its view point The t home wife is if we cn think of other women or un other thn who we hve wht if we strt cring bout the one who is clled our wife our life prtner If we dte someone we re llowing indirectly our own wife to strt finding stisfction somewhere else If this is the choice go for it if not understnd wht intel we might seek in reding nother we cn spend the sme time understnding the we with It could mke everything hppier in life key is to understnd nd to get into her beuty believe me you will win bck your prtner if. Ingenir 5 yers go I stumbled upon this hub by chnce nd wow I m surprised with the number of externl comments you get So y men out there re interested to dte women ! joli 5 yers go you re going to destroy fmilies in. Yups Birdie Bull's eye bng on the trget By the wy thnks for reding my rticle uthorKevin R Peter 5 yers go Sure Mensure thnks for the feedbck ∓ reding my rticle