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Danny Elfman is now considered one of our great movie composers but at the time Batman was released he didn’t have any blockbuster credits to his name He recalls meeting with Burton (with whom he had worked on Pee-wee’s Big Adventure) and producer Jon Peters to go over some of the music he’d already written for the film and feeling “a lot of skepticism” over whether he should be the composer for Batman It wasn’t until Burton said “Play the march,” and Elfman went into what would become the opening credits theme for the film that he won Peters over “Jon jumped out of his chair really just almost started dancing around the room,” Elfman said. Zou Bisou to Zoo Be Zoo: Italian actress Sophia Loren sang the song in her 1960 film The Millionairess turning it on its head for an English audience as Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo The track is typical in style of the international yé-yé movet Similar to America's go-go musical genre yé-yé refers to the exclamation of Yeah Yeah during rock and roll songs WHAT IT ALL MEANS: A TRANSLATION OF ZOU BISOU BISOU Zou is a casual exclamation in French likened. Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC “It really came out of the first time I had to react to something and this thing was stuck to my face and somebody says something to Batman and I go like this [turning his head] and the whole thing goes [rriipp]! There was a big f***ing hole over here,” he said “So I go well I've got to get around that because we've got to shoot this son of a bitch so I go 'You know what Tim [Burton]? He moves like this [like a statue]!’” “I'm feeling really scared and then it hit me—I thought 'Oh this is perfect! This is perfect.' I mean this is like designed for this kind of really unusual dude the Bruce Wayne guy the guy who has this other personality that's really dark and really alone and really kind of depressed This. Though much of the film is still derived from Hamm’s script rewrites continued to happen during shooting and one of them involved the final confrontation between Batman and The Joker in a Gotham City clock tower According to co-star Robert Wuhl the climax was inspired by Jack Nicholson and Jon Peters who went to see a production of The Phantom of the Opera midway through filming and watched as the Phantom e his final stand in a tower Together they somehow determined that a final fight in the tower was what Batman needed “The next day they started writing that scene … the whole ending in the tower,”. For the fully loaded experience please upgrade to the latest version of one of the following browsers: Ms Hills now in her late sixties and working as an artist and illustrator said she had no idea her hit song would be performed on She told the Daily Beast: 'Zou Bisou Bisou was a summer smash for a 16-year-old my first record the summer. His conviction was not actually pardoned though until 2013 when he received a rare royal pardon from the Queen of England 9 … AND NAMED A LAW AFTER HIM Turing was only one of the many who suffered after being prosecuted for their homosexuality under 19th-century British indecency laws Homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK in 196 but the previous convictions were never overturned Turing’s Law which went into effect in 201 posthumously pardoned who had been convicted for having consensual gay sex before the repeal According to one of the activists who campaigned for the mass pardons around 15,000 of the 65,000 gay convicted under the outdated law are. By the time Batman was actually on its way to release it was becoming a phenoon and the marketing for the film was inspiring a frenzy among fans People were buying tickets to other films just to see the first trailer and selling bootleg copies of the early footage The poster featuring the iconic logo was so popular that according to Uslan people were breaking into bus stations just to. His greatest achievet was cracking the Enigma a mechanical device used by the German army to encode secure messages It proved nearly impossible to decrypt without the correct cipher which the German forces changed every day Turing worked to decipher German naval communications at a point when German U-boats were sinking ships carrying vital supplies across the Atlantic between Allied nations In 1941 Turing and his team managed to decode the German Enigma messages helping to steer Allied ships away from the German submarine attacks In 1942 he traveled to the U.S to help the Americans with their own codebreaking work. In 2009 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a public apology to Turing on behalf of the British governt “Alan and the many thousands of other gay who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly,” Brown said "This recognition of Alan's status as one of Britain's most famous victims of homophobia is another step towards equality and long overdue." Acknowledging Britain’s debt to Turing for his vital contributions to the war effort he announced “on behalf of the British governt and all those who live freely thanks to Alan's work I am very proud to say: we're sorry you deserved so much better." Inspired by the chess champions he worked with at Bletchley Park Alan Turing created an algorithm for an early version of computer chess—although at that time there was no computer to try it out on Created with paper and pencil the Turochamp program was designed to think two moves ahead picking out the best moves possible In 2012 Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov played against Turing’s algorithm beating it in 16 moves “I would compare it to an early car—you might laugh at them but it is still an incredible achievet," Kasparov said in a statet after the match-up. Ingénue: Ms Hills pictured at 16 in the video for Zou Bisou Bisou was hailed the new Bardot by Roger Vadim Now living in the UK with husband Stewart Young the manager for AC/DC Cyndi Lauper and Foreigner she enjoyed a successful career as an actress After appearing in Vadim's 1959 film Les Liaisons Dangereuses she went on to appear alongside Vanessa Redgrave in the 1966 British film Blowup and A Clockwork Orange. By Olivia Fleming Published: 16:32 BST 26 March 2012 | Updated: 19:50 BST. Though he was basically already a part of the production Burton wasn’t officially the director of Batman right away Warner Bros showed interest in him working on the film after the success of Pee-wee’s Big Adventure but according to Burton they only officially hired him after the first weekend grosses for Beetlejuice came in “They were just waiting to see how Beetlejuice did,” Burton said “They didn’t want to give me that movie unless Beetlejuice was going to be okay They wouldn’t say that but that was really the way. Can a machine fool a human into thinking they are chatting with another person? That’s the crux of the Turing test an idea developed by Turing in 1950 regarding how to measure artificial intelligence Turing argued in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” [PDF] that the idea of machines “thinking” is not a useful way to evaluate artificial intelligence Instead Turing suggests “the imitation game,” a way to assess how successfully a machine can imitate human behavior The best measure of artificial intelligence then is whether or not a computer can convince a person that it. S : Ep. Most popular in France Spain and Quebec (where the new Mrs Draper is from) in the early Sixties the yé-yé icons who catapulted the style onto the international scene like Francoise Hardy and Sylvie Vartan sang about heart arching teenage love through their long-lashed big innocent eyes The pop style full of sexual naivety came just before singers like French musician Serge Gainsbourg produced his scandalizing songs using over-the-top overt and literal sexual MEGAN DRAPER'S RENDITION OF ZOU BISOU BISOU ON LAST NIGHT'S In the final film The Joker (then named Jack Napier) is revealed to be the gangster who guns down Bruce Wayne’s parents in the streets of Gotham City It’s a twist that some comic book fans still dislike and according to screenwriter Sam Hamm it definitely wasn’t his fault “That was something that Tim had wanted from early on and I had a bunch of arguts with him and wound up talking him out of it for as long as I was on the script But once the script went into production there was a writer’s strike underway and so I wasn’t able to be with the production as it was shooting over in London and they brought in other people.” Hamm also emphasizes that it was also not his idea to show Alfred letting Vicki Vale into the Batcave. S : Ep. User EDITOR AJMeredith   When Uslan finally got the chance to develop the film he drafted legendary screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz who had been a consultant on Superman to write the script The Mankiewicz script included The Joker corrupt politician Rupert Thorne a much greater focus on Bruce Wayne’s origin story The Penguin and the arrival of Robin late in the film The script was ultimately scrapped but you can see certain elets of it in Batman Returns. Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC Don Draper may be the star of but neither he nor his business ventures would have been as successful if it weren’t for the wo behind the —namely Peggy Olson and Joan Harris Throughout the series’ seven s we’ve seen each of their characters grow both in their personal lives and their professional positions Maybe it’s time they strike out on. In response Churchill immediately fired off a missive to his chief of staff: “Make sure they have all they want on extreme priority and report to me that this had been done.” 4 HE HAD SOME ODD HABITS Like many geniuses Turing was not without his eccentricities He wore a gas mask while riding his bike to combat his allergies Instead of fixing his bike’s faulty chain he learned exactly when to dismount to secure it in place before it slipped off He was known around Bletchley Park for chaining his tea mug to a radiator to prevent it from being taken by other staffers. There is still a bit of mystery surrounding Turing’s death at the age of 41 Turing died of cyanide poisoning in what is widely believed to have been a suicide Turing’s life had been turned upside down by his arrest He lost his job and his security clearance By order of the court he had to take hormones intended to “cure” his homosexuality which caused him to grow breasts and e him impotent But not everyone is convinced that he died by suicide. Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC On November 24 191 a well-dressed man in his mid-forties walked up to the Northwest Orient Airlines ticket counter at Portland International Airport and purchased a one-way ticket to Seattle under the name Dan Cooper Once on board he e his way to a seat at the back of the plane ordered a bourbon and soda and lit a cigarette … then passed a note to the flight attendant informing her that he had a bomb His demands were simple: $200,000 in cash four parachutes and a fuel truck awaiting the plane upon its arrival in Seattle Long story short: after being informed that his demands had been met the plane landed refueled and took off again Twenty minutes later Cooper—who would become known as D.B Cooper because of a simple media miscommunication—parachuted from the plane ransom money in tow never to be heard. As technology has progressed some feel the Turing test is no longer a useful way to measure artificial intelligence It’s cool to think about computers being able to talk just like a person but new technology is opening up avenues for computers to express intelligence in other more useful ways A robot’s intelligence isn’t necessarily defined by whether it can fake being human—self-driving cars or programs that can mimic sounds based on images might not pass the Turing test but they certainly have intelligence. He almost became an Olympic athlete too He came in fifth place at a qualifying marathon for the 1948 Olympics with a 2-hour 46-minute finish (11 minutes slower than the 1948 Olympic marathon winner) However a leg injury held back his athletic ambitions that year Afterward he continued running for the Walton Athletic Club though and served as its vice president ”I have such a stressful job that the only way I can get it out of my mind is by running hard,” he once told the club’s secretary “It's the only way I can get some release." Burton initially cast Blade Runner star Sean Young as acclaimed photographer Vicki Vale who would become Bruce Wayne’s love interest Young was part of the pre-production process on Batman for several weeks until while practicing horseback riding for a scene that was ultimately cut she fell from her horse and was seriously injured With just a week to go until shooting producers had to act fast to find a replacet and decided on Kim Basinger who essentially joined the production overnight. Earlier this week the Huffington Post asked Hendricks about the rumors of a Peggy and Joan spinoff “You're the first I'm hearing it from It hasn't reached my ears yet,” she replied Then added: “That would be amazing If they wanted me I'd be there.” (Are you listening Matthew Weiner?) Early on Bletchley Park’s operations were hampered by a lack of resources but pleas for better staffing were ignored by governt officials So Alan Turing and several other codebreakers at Bletchley Park went over their heads to write directly to Prime Minister Winston Churchill One of the codebreakers from Bletchley Park delivered the letter by hand in October 1941 “Our reason for writing to you direct is that for months we have done everything that we possibly can through the normal channels and that we despair of any early improvet without your intervention,” they wrote to Churchill [PDF] “No doubt in the long run these particular requirets will be met but meanwhile still more precious months will have been wasted and as our needs are continually expanding we see little hope of ever being adequately staffed.” Though studio executives resisted the idea of a “dark” Batman movie for years the film ultimately set a new standard for box office success It was the first film to ever hit $100 million in 10 days the biggest film in Warner Bros.’ history at the time and the box office’s biggest earner of 1989—and that’s not even counting the massive toy and merchandising sales it generated. S : Ep. S :. When Nicholson was asked to discuss playing The Joker he invited Burton and producer Peter Guber to visit him in Aspen for some horseback riding When Burton learned that was what they’d be doing he told Guber “I don’t ride,” to which Guber replied “You do today!” So a “terrified” Burton got on a horse and rode alongside Nicholson and the star ultimately agreed to play the Clown Prince of Crime 9 EDDIE MURPHY WAS ONCE CONSIDERED TO PLAY ROBIN Though the character of Robin was ultimately scrapped because it simply didn’t feel like there was room for him in the film he did appear in early drafts of the script and at one point producers considered casting Eddie Murphy—who you must remember was one of the biggest movie stars of the 1980s—for. In 1945 while working for the UK’s National Physical Laboratory he came up with the Automatic Computing Machine the first digital computer with stored programs Previous computers didn’t have electric memory storage and had to be manually rewired to switch between different programs 2 HE PLAYED A HUGE ROLE IN WINNING WORLD WAR II Turing began working at Bletchley Park Britain’s secret headquarters for its codebreakers during World War II in 1939 By one estimate his work there may have cut the war short by up to two years He’s credited with saving millions. The comts below have not been moderated   View all The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mail We are no longer accepting comts on this article.

In 1952 Turing was arrested after reporting a burglary in his home In the course of the investigation the police discovered Turing’s relationship with another man Arnold Murray Homosexual relationships were illegal in the UK at the time and he was charged with “gross indecency.” He pled guilty on the advice of his lawyer and opted to undergo chemical castration instead of serving time. From the beginning Uslan concluded that Jack Nicholson was the perfect choice to play The Joker and was “walking on air” when the production finally cast him He certainly wasn’t the only actor considered though Among Burton’s considerations were Willem Dafoe James Woods Brad Dourif David Bowie and Robin Williams (who really wanted. It's New York in the 1960s and the and wo who work at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency are some of the top names in the industry Master manipulator and leading ad man Don Draper is at the top of his game but there are those who want to see him topple down Can he maintain his formidable status? Writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos fame is the man behind this 13- original series. This one isn’t so much a fan theory as it is one fan’s theory In discussing the many hypotheses viewers have put forth Weiner admitted that he kind of enjoys it “I have no complaint,” Weiner told HitFix in January “I don’t care how it’s being watched I mean I hate the screen within a screen within a screen watching but I love that people watch the show.” He then recounted one strange encounter with a fan: “You get in this weird situation the first where people were like ‘I know Don Draper’s secret He’s Jewish.’ And I was like ‘Did I ever put anything in there that said he wasn’t?’ Because he’s not I mean I know that.” 8 IT’S ALL LEADING UP. The casting process for Batman was a long one and involved a number of major stars of the day Among the contenders for the title role were Mel Gibson Bill Murray (yes really) Kevin Costner Willem Dafoe Tom Selleck Harrison Ford Charlie Sheen Ray Liotta and Pierce Brosnan who later regretted turning down. Batman fans still love to make jokes about the original costume and Michael Keaton’s inability to turn his head (there’s even a dig at that in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight) but the restrictions of the costume actually inspired how Keaton performed as the Dark Knight In 20 Keaton revealed that his performance as Batman was heavily influenced by a mot when while trying to actually turn his head in the suit he ended up ripping it. It was then covered by Sophia Loren in her 1960 British romantic comedy The Millionairess. Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd Part of the Daily Mail The Mail on Sunday & Metro. Go Free : 9 The original: Gillian Hills sang the original version of Zou Bisou Bisou as a 16-year-old in the summer of 1960 during the international yé-yé movet Turing immediately got to work designing a codebreaking machine called the Bombe (an update of a previous Polish machine) with the help of his colleague Gordon Welchman The Bombe shortened the steps required in decoding and 200 of them were built for British use over the course of the war They allowed codebreakers to decipher up to 4000 messages. Though Warner Bros ultimately chose Tim Burton to helm Batman over the course of the film’s developt a number of other choices emerged At various points on the road to Batman everyone from Gremlins director Joe Dante to Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman was in line for. In 2012 Jack Copeland a Turing scholar argued that the evidence used to declare Turing’s death a suicide in 1954 would not be sufficient to close the case today The half-eaten apple by his bedside thought to be the source of his poisoning was never tested for cyanide There was still a to-do list on his desk and his friends told the coroner at the time that he had seemed in good spirits Turing’s mother in fact maintained that he probably accidentally poisoned himself while experiting with the chemical in his home laboratory (He was known to taste chemicals while identifying them and could be careless with safety precautions.) That line of inquiry is far more tame than some others including one author’s theory that he was murdered by the FBI to cover up information that would have been damaging to the U.S. Superhero movies are bigger than they’ve ever been before but we arguably wouldn’t be here at all without 1989’s Batman Produced at a time before comic book movies were considered big business Tim Burton’s dark look at a superhero then best known for a goofy TV show is a pop culture landmark and the story of how it was e is almost as interesting as the film itself So to celebrate Batman—which was released on this day in 1989—here are 19 facts about how it came to the screen. Sultry siren: Megan Draper performing Zou Bisou Bisou on 's fifth premiere.

Watch GILLIAN HILLS SING THE ORIGINAL ZOU. Batman Famously features original songs by Prince who wrote so much new material for the production that he basically produced a full album Even before the Purple One was drafted to write for the film though he was influencing it Burton played Prince songs on set during the parade sequence and the Joker’s rampage through the museum. Though he was considered an average student Turing was dedicated enough to his schooling that when a general strike prevented him from taking the train to his first day at his new elite boarding school the -year-old rode his bike the 62 miles instead 6 HE TRIED OUT FOR THE OLYMPICS Turing started running as a schoolboy and continued throughout his life regularly running the 31 miles between Cambridge and Ely while he was a fellow at King’s College During World War II he occasionally ran the 40 miles between London and Bletchley Park for meetings. Production designer Anton Furst put a lot of work into the incredibly influential designs for the film’s version of Gotham City and the production was committed to making them pay off The production ultimately spent more than $5 million to transform the backlot of London’s Pinewood Studios into Gotham City and you can see the dedication to practical effects work in the. Now it seems the track is a hit once more Mere mots after Megan's performance the Twitter-verse erupted with questions and just ten hours after the premiere Mrs Draper's version of Zou Bisou Bisou was e available on iTunes. As developt of a Batman movie began studio executives were still very tied to the campiness embodied by the Batman television series of the 1960s According to executive producer Michael Uslan when he first began attempting to get the rights to make a film he was told that the only studio who’d expressed interest was CBS and only if they could do a Batman In Outer. Go Free : 11 Image Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC After all of the talk about Megan’s (assumed) imminent demise Esquire posited a new theory in the summer of 2013: that if any of Don’s wives were going to kick the bucket it would—and should—be Betty “Think about it,” wrote Jen Chaney “We already got to see Don and Betty together again this which seemed to bring closure to that relationship for Betty at least Betty is barely in the show these days so losing that character makes sense from a narrative efficiency standpoint If we agree that Don Draper's identity as Don Draper will likely cease to exist this it would make complete sense for Betty the symbol of Don's old life as Don to be gone.” 5 DON’S GOING. Alan Turing was a well-respected mathematician in his time but his contemporaries didn’t know the full extent of his contributions to the world Turing’s work breaking the Enigma machine remained classified long after his death meaning that his contributions to the war effort and to mathematics were only partially known to the public during his lifetime It wasn’t until the 190s that his instrutal role in the Allies' World War II victory became public with the declassification of the Enigma story The actual techniques Turing used to decrypt the messages weren’t declassified until 2013 when two of his papers from Bletchley Park were released to the British National Archives. 25 View comts ('bundle' function(){ ('top'); }); 's newly-minted sultry style icon Megan Draper captured America's attention last night singing Zou Bisou Bisou seducing the audience - if not her new husband Don ming the song at Don's surprise 40th birthday party for the show's fifth- premiere we were all left with the song stuck in our head and asking the same question Where did Zou Bisou Bisou come from?The original version was recorded in 1960 by British-born French-raised 16-year-old Gillian Hills who was discovered at by Roger Vadim and billed 'the new Brigitte Bardot' Uslan lobbied hard for the rights to Batman and finally landed them in 199 At that point the fight to convince a studio to make the film ensued and everyone from Columbia Pictures to Universal Pictures turned it down When Warner Bros finally agreed to back the film the issue of developing the right script had to be settled and that took even more time In 1989 after years of battling Batman was finally released and Uslan has been involved in some form in every Batman. In 2012 Monopoly came out with an Alan Turing edition to celebrate the centennial of his birth Turing had enjoyed playing Monopoly during his life and the Turing-themed Monopoly edition was designed based on a hand-drawn board created in 1950 by his friend William Newman Instead of hotels and houses it featured huts and blocks inspired by Bletchley Park and included never-before-published photos of Turing (It’s hard to find but there are still a few copies of the game on Amazon.) Bisou is a widely used term when signing off an email text or a meeting with friends meaning sweet kiss Roughly translated Zou Bisou Bisou turns into: Oh! Kiss kiss / My God they are sweet! / …Oh! Kiss kiss / the sound of kisses /…Oh! Kiss kiss /…That means I confess / But yes I love only you Reminiscent of a time where full bangs high cheekbones ultra-short Mary Quant skirts and Twiggy-esque long lashes were the essence of cool the siren song is loaded with both unyielding coyness and high voltage sexuality. In The Hollywood Reporter’s recent oral history of Lionsgate COO Sandra Stern recounted that “when we first started negotiating with AMC one of the things they wanted was a spinoff We talked about doing a contemporary one Given the fact that [ ] ends nearly 50 years ago most of the characters would be dead Sally was the one character young enough that you could see her 30 or 40 years later There was a time we wanted a Peggy spin­off too and a la Better Call Saul a minor character going off to L.A Matt wasn't comfortable committing to a spinoff.” Which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen Even if Christina Hendricks a.k.a Joan hasn’t heard anything about. Show REVIEWSBy Users When e its television debut nearly eight years ago its storyline seemed straightforward enough: When he’s not creating brilliant advertising campaigns for some of the country’s most successful corporations a handsome ison Avenue executive named Don Draper likes to smoke drink and cheat on his wife But as the series continued cracks began to show in Don's perfectly chiseled exterior Who is Dickie Whitman? And where is this house of ill repute in which he was raised? As such took on a much more mysterious tone one that ultimately led devoted viewers to wonder whether the show had ever been straightforward at all Or if it they had been hoodwinked and had been some sort of strange 1960s fever dream all along And so began the onslaught of elaborate fan theories about the rabbit hole that just might be (some of them crazy others entirely plausible).

Highlight: Megan performs the sultry song at husband Don's surprise 40th birthday party Taking it into the mainstream Ms Loren’s version was sung in English as Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo up-ing the sophistication of the original song using different lyrics and a more subtle delivery. More than six decades after his death Alan Turing’s life remains a point of fascination—even for people who have no interest in his groundbreaking work in computer science He has been the subject of a play and an opera and referenced in multiple novels and numerous musical albums The Benedict Cumberbatch film about his life The Imitation Game received eight Oscar nominations But just who was he in real life? Here are 15 facts you should know about Alan Turing who was born on this.